I am Ermir

computer engineer


Having a passion about computers and technology and by constantly learning and developing myself I would separate my technical background in three parts:

  • Have a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and nine years of experience working as an IT Support Technician. I possess a thorough knowledge of computer hardware and software applications, have terrific troubleshooting and good interpersonal skills to assist customers with computer issues.
  • Hard-working web developer with a flair for creating elegant solutions in the least amount of time. Developed an ecommerce web app, customer web portal. Had some innovative business attempts with my own web portals, which are in progress.
  • Recently focused to learn information security to understand endpoint attacks, including interpreting log data to identify events in Windows and Linux. Earned a scholarship in Cisco Cybersecurity Operations program and Juniper Cloud and got the certification. Focusing to get certified on Microsoft Azure, CompTIA, Cisco etc.